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As an only child of divorced parents, life introduced me to the  art of navigating transitions at a young age. At the age of 7 my mom and I piled into a van with my aunt and uncle and moved from Augusta, GA to Memphis, TN. No longer did my norm consist of myself and my nuclear family. I was now raised by a "village" that consisted of my mom along with  family, church members an long time family friends. I regressed from the outspoken social butterfly to a reserved almost awkward version of myself.

Through love and nurturing I was able to find my self again and thrive in my new environment.


Adulthood forced me to navigate an array of trails that I have equipped me to serve you. Layoffs, breakups, relocation, defaults, rebuilding, reevaluating, marriage, and motherhood have been journeys that have strengthened and equipped me.​

 As your coach, I specialize in assisting you with removing the challenges in your relationships as you strive to attain your goals. As a result of working with me you will gain an understanding of who you are, identify your why, identify your boundaries, and manage the expectations of your relationships. Tackling those components will set you on track to have a fulfilling lifestyle. A lifestyle full of healthy relationships that will set you up to attain your goals.

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