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My sister gifted me a second round of life coaching with Jameka. I was going through a lot of changes and in a tough depressive state when I started my sessions. During our sessions, Coach Jameka really helped me to see the positive in my life and identify some areas and tools to work on! Over the course of our time together, I was able to enjoy more of my life and able to enjoy the blessings I currently have. We worked a lot on work-life, and as a young professional, this was invaluable! I found a field that I am actively making strides to enter into, I received a raise and promotion at work, and was recruited for a job at a company I really desired to work at. Jameka really helped me tap into my own personal power and remember who I AM!! Always such an uplifting time and my perspective on my life in this current season has been changed for the better. Definitely will be back whenever I have another life transition or need a push


I reached out to Jameka when I read one of her positive quotes on Instagram. Jameka is honest, real, easy to talk to, positive, and has a great spirit. When Jameka and I first met, I was lost and confused. I felt like my life had no purpose and I was wavering in my faith. Jameka helped me improve areas in my life that needed improvement. Each session was positive and the activities were phenomenal! The sessions also helped me look at my past, present and future different. With the help of Jameka, I have learned how to control my thoughts and believe in myself. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Coach Jameka.  –Shantal (Social Worker), 35 Memphis, TN


Jameka is phenomenal!, she came highly recommended. I reached out to her at a point when I felt like I was drowning at this thing called life. Everything was wrong and out of whack, I was just going through the motion of life. Family issues, Money issues, Health issues just everything. So I contacted her and immediately even in the consultation she spoke little bits of life into me. Jameka is easy to talk to. She's a great listener, Jameka provided insight to things I haven't even thought to try. Each one of her sessions I became more and more empowered and uplifted. My tri-month session is now over and I'm not ready to let go lol, She has helped me so much mentally I can't afford to not have her in my corner holding me accountable and rooting for me.If you are looking for a life coach who is dedicated and loves wholeheartedly what she does for people. Coach Jameka Jones is the person I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 


I have been following Coach Jameka on social media for a while now and have watched several of her videos that I used to give me a quick pick- me- up after a pretty dramatic break up. It ruined my self esteem and drained a lot from me. When Coach Jameka offered a special holiday rate, I had to jump on it! Not only was it affordable but more than worth every penny. I purchased a consultation and 6 sessions and by after each session, I felt refreshed, hopeful, things were clearer and most importantly my self esteem started to improve to where it was prior to the failed relationship. I recommend her for any and every concern or situation that you are trying to overcome. I feel so much better about everything!


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