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It Better Not Be Lonely at The Top

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

So many people live their entire lives not knowing what their purpose is :-(. Thankfully, I have been lucky enough to have a general idea of what God wants me to contribute to you great people. Never the less, I’m human and this big head is a hard one!! Which means that I have tried to ignore the obvious and have attempted to do my own thing. So we all know how that worked out…. not like I had it planned in my head, lol. Now don’t worry nothing tragic has occurred, but I can admit that I have been stagnant as a result of my stubbornness. Don’t act like its just me!!! I know that you too, can relate.

In the past I have used this avenue as an outlet to provide motivational tips for life, primarily for women. I will continue to do this but I will also incorporate some new insight as well. Don’t worry the quirky one is here to stay, I just have more to share. I mistakenly limited my expertise to one facet and I will no longer do that. In addition to working with women I have an extensive background in working with families, adoptive and otherwise. I’ll be honest, I have always had an affinity for working with women, but I am always pulled in the direction of serving children. I will find a balance in sharing information that will positively impact both groups from an adult perspective. This information paired with what I have been sharing will hopefully bless you while opening your eyes and heart to a different set of issues that we can address. No matter the topic I want to provide a fresh perspective that is relatable, so don’t worry about it getting stuffy in here, it won’t!!

I now want to encourage you to be open to every gift you possess. I’m referencing, that positive “thing” that you do with such ease that you don’t realize that you are engaging in it. Yes, that “thing” that isn’t your first preference, but people are obviously blessed by it. That’s probably the direction you should be moving in. Doing a personal analysis is necessary and should be embraced. Don’t be afraid to regroup and reinvent yourself. You and your future both deserve it. Let’s say that life is a steep road. Its time to switch gears and I promise I’ll meet you at the top.


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