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Do you want a "happy"??

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

My mother-in-law introduced me to the concept of a "happy". Yes, you read that correctly a “happy”. In short, it’s a little something that you bless yourself with to make you feel better. Yes, it’s satisfying to get a surprise gift from a loved one. However, sometimes you need to be the loved one that blesses yourself. In a tangible sense a "happy" is always right on time , but I also want to provide you a few tips to attain and maintain personal happiness.

1. Be kind to yourself

Acknowledge your greatness despite what may be going wrong. Sometimes especially when overwhelmed we become preoccupied with our faults and sweep our strengths to the side. Let's switch that around. At the end of each day think about the good you have done. That’s the energy you to rest with and wake up to

2. Don’t attempt to control the chaos of others

You have enough to deal with, worry about yourself. Attempting control what you don’t have control of can leave you feeling hopeless. Guess what that’s because it was never meant for you to tackle

3. Make a list of your favorite things to do, acknowledge barriers, and create a solution

Maybe you love to shop but that will break the budget, consider thrifting.

4. Dedicate a special day to yourself once a week.

Content creation Notorious K.IA. spoke about her trip in Ghana and how she learned the importance of the day of the week she was born. I encourage you to research the day of the week you were born. Deem that day as your happy day and you can give it a trendy name. One of my clients calls her day wine down Wednesday!

5. Choose a soundtrack.

I have a few songs that give me life every time I play them. Find yours and vibe out.

6. Be Authentic

Stick to your script and make sure your actions reflect your values and desires. It’s impossible to find happiness if you are uncomfortable being yourself.

Make your happiness a priority by incorporating these tips and a "happy" into your life.

Check out the happy I blessed myself with recently. I love all things coffee and tea so this cutie pie tea pot has been a kitchen MVP for me.

"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases."

Your Fav Life Coach,

Jameka Jones-Carter


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