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Keep It Moving

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Hey fly peeps. I’m back like I left something and I return to you as your Ambassador of Vacationing . Seriously, I feel that every adult should take a one week annual vacation somewhere refreshing and live a life void of true responsibility. So, yes for those of you with children I am now informing you that a vacation with your children is not a vacation for you. Yes you love them, yes they are cute but yes they are a lot, and short break form the kiddos will do you all some good. Ok, back to my duties as Ambassador. Along with going somewhere refreshing and leaving all responsibility behind I think that it is important to try something new as well. It makes perfect sense you are relaxed, in a different mode so you might as well go with the happy go lucky feelings and do something you would never try in your everyday life. Listen I would never encourage you to do something I am not willing to do. So here is a story about how I stepped out of my character(in a positive manner) and learned a valuable life lesson. My cousin’s and I recently embarked on our second ever “Cousin’s Retreat”. This year’s adventure was a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. Due to things at the home front being a little stressful, I was ecstatic about winding down and relaxing. We boarded the ship, the weather was great, the beverages were flowing; all was well and relaxing. That is until it was time to sign up for shore excursions for our time spent in Cozumel once we arrived. Now, you all don’t know much about me yet but I am here to tell you that I take healthy risk as it relates to my career, relationships and things of the sort but never risk that can have a physical impact. In short, I am the definition of a scaredy cat when it comes to being physically adventurous. Moving right along, my friend and cousin decided to do the ATV(four wheeler) journey through the jungle and both were adamant about me participating as well. Initially, I would not even consider it, I barely make it in my car day to day. However, as the evening progressed I began to think that it was something worth trying because it would be a great experience to share with my loved ones. I sign up, buy closed toed shoes and show up for the tour mentally prepared. So I thought!!! Once I straddled the ATV I knew I was in trouble. Upon my departure on my ATV the tour guide yelled out to me “hit the break”. This was the beginning of the ride of my life. The path we took through the jungle was not a dirt road but one peppered with huge lime stones. While struggling to stay on the path, not hit the person in front of me and trying to remember to let go of the gas when gripping the brake; guess who fished tailed!! I’m serious take a wild stab in the dark!! After almost losing control and crashing I was absolutely terrified and only had two options. I could flag down the tour guide and have someone escort me back to the tour’s origin or I could pray, calm myself down and make the best to this tremulous ride. I choose the latter option. Although, I was scared poo-less, I came to the conclusion that it was up to me to push past my fear and trust that God would see me through the journey. After the excursion was over my cousin who was directly behind me during the second leg of the tour, joked that I looked like a pro as I maneuvered the four wheeler through the wilderness. This is when that good ole eureka effect kicked in and I experienced an “ah ha” moment. My life has been filled with instances; good and bad, in which I was terrified of proceeding. I have learned the importance of never allowing the thought of defeat to consume me and as result I have never accepted quitting as an option. I have overcome numerous trials with grace because I have always been told to never look like what I am going through while in the midst of a struggle. It is impossible for us to walk into our destinies trembling with fear, and consumed with defeat. With that said why walk the road to our destiny in that manner. It was not until I made the decision that I wasn’t going to quit, that I began to enjoy the tour. Just like in life we could spend our time moaning and groaning because the path to where we aspire to be has some bumps or we could shut up and embrace the opportunities that we currently have available to us. It’s time for us to check our posture(yes, no heads down and shoulders slumped), attitude and outlook on our futures and accept that our only option is to keep it moving and look fierce while doing so. og now. Good luck!


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