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Soul Revelation: The Importance Keeping the Essential Relevant

Updated: Mar 31, 2019


My lack of blogging is a slight indication that I have been preoccupied with being busy. Not your typical busy working on one or two specific task, but busy working on 3 or 4 completely different projects simultaneously. Now I don’t say that to make an excuse, just guiding you to my point. That point is that I have fallen victim of the “auto pilot syndrome”. You know that state of being where you wake up, work out, eat, work, eat, walk the dog, work, play for an hour, eat, work sleep , wake up and do it all again. Yeah you still participate in extracurricular activities, but they are limited due to time restraints. I have been so busy handling business that I have rarely checked in with some friends who were once a part of my every day existence. I know that we all cherish the friendships in which we don’t have to talk everyday but have each other’s backs when it counts. I completely agree with that notion. However, I have come to realize that with people’s presence comes their energy. If an individual’s energy comforts, energizes or positively stimulates your soul, you are then void of all of that goodness when you are off in your office on a work binge. I know it isn’t just me, tell me it isn’t just me! I would like you to join me in becoming more conscious of maintaining connections to those who pour into us. Just a thought. I hope my soul revelation resonates with you beautiful one.


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