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Goodbye Bad Days!!!

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

I’m the type of woman who definitely tries to practice what I preach. A couple of weeks ago, it seemed like everything that could go wrong, went wrong all in one day. Things never seem to go wrong on the day we are just lounging around twiddling our thumbs. Poo, usually hits the fan when we are scheduled to be in at least 3 different places at one time. So back to my day of plights. My puppy woke up sounding strange and rearranged which forced me into me working a vet appointment into my schedule. Then, while at home for short period of time in between engagements a small fire broke out in my kitchen. Lastly, headed to my next destination I was almost ran off of the road by a driver who apparently didn’t see any of my Camry. Now at this point, it would be easy to say that today is a bad day. However, while maneuvering through this day I refused to label it negatively. Usually, an adverse event occurs, we get pissed, and then we project pisstivity(yes I just made a up a word) for the rest of the day. There is definitely power in our perception of events and in order to grow into the new and improved version of ourselves, we must change our perceptions of minute mishaps. Heading into our destinies we must graciously learn from our mistakes and be eager to be schooled in life’s little lessons. Some things happen to slow us down, some occur to draw our attention to certain aspects of our lives and others happen to test our readiness to proceed to the next level in our lives. So yeah, sometimes we allow our minds to venture to the extreme when things don’t go our way or as planned and there is certainly a grey area that we can tap into. In an effort to not let these events control the fate of my day I choose to not give them power. Even though several things did not happen to my advantage, my day did not end in tragedy. So today I’m deeming those days of slight mishaps, as random days. Goodbye bad days and hello random days that we can have a good laugh about later!!


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