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You are Way Too Beautiful To Be Messy

Updated: Mar 31, 2019


You can’t help but to encounter the reality shows that have taken over our favorite television networks lately. Well, we have to admit they have become a guilty pleasure for a few of us :-). One common theme in all of them seem to include a group of women who relate based upon one or two similarities. The premise of the show is to highlight their interactions as you know…. “friends”. However, we are all aware of the slander, backbiting and hate that is exhibited between these groups of women. It seems like rather strange relationship dynamics seeing that they are supposed to be friends. Then someone coined the term frienemy, to correctly describe the oxymoron of a situation.

At the end of the day what we view on TV is simply entertainment, right? Maybe , or maybe not. However, my issue lies in the fact that these same fake hoax of friendships are playing out in the everyday lives of us good regular folks. We have all heard the term that you are what you eat. That same concept applies to everything we take in to our beings. Let make and effective effort not allow this negativity to impact how we relate to each other.

Here are a few things to remember when dealing with friendships and even “associateships” (my word I made up lol):

1. Being genuine is best. Even if you genuinely can’t stand certain aspects of that person, accept that as your truth and govern yourself accordingly(I look for opportunities to say govern yourself accordingly lol).

2. Everyone we encounter is not meant to be in our inner circle! It is perfectly fine to have church acquaintances, work acquaintances, gym acquaintances and so on. Everyone in your life can’t fit in every aspect of your life honey bunches and its ok!

3. Sharing mutual friends with an individual doesn’t equate to you having to forge a friendship with them if this doesn’t come naturally. This is real life. It’s not as simple as add water, stir, and whala new friend.

4. If you have issues with a mutual friend it is never ever ok to speak negatively about them to your friend. Duh that’s their friend and they just might get defensive, that’s what friends tend to do.

5. Lastly for individuals we are unsure of, deep down we know who rocks with us and who doesn’t. You can always love that person from a far. One of the worst things you can do is participate in a fake friendship. You won’t gain any positivity leaving room for tons of foolishness.

Please take this information and run with it!! If we as grown women don’t get it together we will only sabotage the potential of the little women behind us. Because, trust me they are watching! Lets make mature decisions related to friendships and take the high road in petty situations. The next time you find yourself in the midst of some friendship drama, evaluate the situation, decide if this is a friendship worth fighting for, and if so squash the drama. If it’s simply a jacked up situation that needs to be terminated, handle your business! Do what you need to do to create the most positive existence for yourself. Besides, y’all are way too beautiful to be caught up in mess!!!


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