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I Am Tripping!!!

Ok so I need you to go on a journey with me. Seriously, use your imagination for a moment. Soooo you in an airport to take a connecting flight. At first you are casually walking and taking in your environment, maybe even considering stopping to get a snack or find a comfy spot to sit and read. You step onto the airport conveyor. All is well initially. You then look at your watch and realize that you have less time than you thought you did, and your flight is about to board. So, although you are on the conveyor you begin to walk. Then you upgrade to a slight jog. But the faster you move, the faster the conveyor goes, and you find yourself grasping at everything around you to maintain your balance….

This is exactly how I feel in this phase of my journey. Yes, I am a counselor and life coach but most importantly I am human. Once I was able to identify my feelings, I engaged in self-reflection. I approached my own issue as I would one of my clients. I identified three steps I must take to regain my balance. Because this was such a teachable moment, I just had to share them with you.

1. Slow down and prioritize

Let us face it when we trip it's because we are moving too fast. I need to slow down and settle into a pace that works for me. I can no longer multitask six different task or cram several appointments into one day. I must move intentionally by deciding the importance of task and giving myself time to complete them. Slow and steady always wins the race. Most importantly slow and steady does not end in face planting!!

2. Be present

In our scenario instead of enjoying our cruise through the airport we are focused on and overwhelmed by the fact that we are not at the gate. It would benefit me to take in the moments I am experiencing as I experience them. Living life requires our presence.

3. Go with the flow

We trip when we go against the grain. Sometimes life comes at us fast and sometimes it does not. But the worst thing we can do is move too fast or too slow. Therefore, I should use wisdom and take life as it comes. Yes, I will be prepared and intentional, but I will not jeopardize my end goal by moving too quickly and overlooking the lessons I needed to learn.

Those are the three points that resonated with me during my reflection, and I hope they bless you real good. Speaking of blessings. I am working on being more physically active in hopes that it will relieve a bit of my angst. In this quest I have invested in a stationary bike and it is everything it supposed to be. If you are in the market for one, give it a whirl, get it???

Be great and most importantly be you. Until next time….

Your Fav Life Coach,

Jameka Jones- Carter, MS

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